Drive action and relationships with prospects
Increase your win rate
By donating to a charity that matters to your prospect, you build relationship and create an authentic conversation which helps to close deals.
Build rapport after discovery or sales call
After a sales call, send your prospect a Donation Gift offer as a thank you. This keeps them engaged and thinking about you, not a competitor.
Book a meeting with a warm prospect
Send them a Donation Gift offer with a compelling note. Research their bios to find hints of the charities they may be interested in, and highlight that in your messaging.
Setup meetings with Webinar attendees
Strike while the iron is hot! Send a Donation Gift offer to all webinar attendees, or make a tailored one for top prospects.
Drive Webinar attendance
Send registrants an IntroSnap Link with a $75 Donation Gift offer to the charity of their choice – paid after they attend.
Secure inbound meetings
Leads come inbound, then stall. That’s the worst! Send them a Donation Gift offer to show good will and get them off the fence.
Build prospect relationships
At any point in your lead gen or sales cycle an IntroSnap donation offer is an effective way to build relationship with your customer. Relationships matter and a donation to a charity your customer cares about tells them more about who you are.
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