Build customer-brand relationships & grow your business
Increase campaign engagement with the most personal touch
Drive webinar attendance and meetings booked
Use in ICP nurture campaigns to drive leads
Delight existing customers to reduce churn and expand
Automate donation gift sending based on CRM triggers
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Increase Deal Win Rates with Trigger-based Personalized Donation Gifts

Your marketing team can influence the sales cycle by setting up automated IntroSnap charitable donation offers. This ensures the gesture goes to the right prospect or existing customer at just the right time.

After engaging with the offer and accepting your donation, sales has a personal topic to share with the prospect and touch on throughout the cycle.

We help you setup CRM triggered events for a donation gift offer to be sent, such as discovery call booked, opportunity created, email traffic, stage change, marketing can capture your prospect’s attention with the most personalized touch marketing can make!

Drive Webinar and Event Attendance

Drive registrations and attendance to your webinars and field events with donation gifting. Easily integrate IntroSnap into your webinar registration page for easy charity selection by the attendee.

Pre-event, drive registrations by offering to donate to the charity of the attendees’ choice.

Post-event, send thank you donation gifts to event attendees, and have sales follow-up with attendees who accept their gifts.

Drive Prospect Action with Donation Gift Campaigns
Stand out from the noise and show your prospects and customers that you care about causes important to them. Inspire them to engage with you from booking meetings, to requesting product reviews.
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Launch Charitable Giving Campaigns in Minutes

Easily create a charitable donation offer link to include in marketing email campaigns. Provide personalized experiences by enabling recipients to select charities important to them.

Only complete donations for gifts accepted by recipients.

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