Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is IntroSnap for both sales and marketing?
A:  Yes!  We have sales, marketing, BDR and CS pros using IntroSnap to get prospect engagement, improve campaigns results and close more deals.  

Individual sales execs can sign up any time and start offering charitable donations to your prospects. It’s an effective way to build relationships, engage and accelerate your deal cycles.

We also have teams of BDRs using IntroSnap in outbound cadences or after disco calls as a thank you.  Sales execs use it mid-cycle to strengthen relationships and win deals.  CS uses it for relationship and expansion selling.

Q: How do Marketers use IntroSnap?
A:  Marketers add an IntroSnap Link to campaigns to drive demand gen, webinar attendance and more.

Marketing teams are running campaigns around IntroSnap donation offers to help drive G2 Crowd Reviews, nurtures, “thank you” campaigns mid funnel and expansion campaigns with existing customers.  

Customers love to pick their charity while you make the donation. It’s a win-win.

Q: What does it cost?

A: It’s free to sign up and start sending donation gift offers.

With IntroSnap, you only pay the donation when the prospect accepts your donation gift.  You are sending a
donation offer.  The recipient clicks to a landing page, searches for their charity and Accepts it.  Only then is payment made.

Sales execs usually either enter a corporate card or expense the donations.  Your manager can also setup a team.

Q: How do I start?

A: Just go to our Sign Up page and create a free account.
No SaaS license needed.  You can start with just a credit card, but there are no charges until you complete a donation.

Q: How do I use IntroSnap in outbound prospecting?

A: IntroSnap enables you to send personalized donation gift offers to individual prospects or incorporate them into your SalesLoft and Outreach cadences to a broad audience. Please view our messaging guide that covers how to easily add IntroSnap to your outbound cadences.

Q: What type of messaging should I use when sending donation gifts?

A: Take a look at our messaging guide, that covers how best to frame your donation gifts.

Q: How are IntroSnap Links and Personalized Donation Gifts different?

A: IntroSnap Links enable you to easily create a donation gift offer that can be shared with as many people as you’d like. They aren’t addressed to any one individual, and can be put into outbound cadences, shared in LinkedIn InMails, or email simply by copying and pasting the link.

With Personalized Donation Gift offers, you are addressing that specific donation gift to an individual. If you know of a charity your target is passionate about, pre-select that org specifically for them. With these donation gifts your recipient is sent an email notification that you are cc’d on. Easily follow up on your offer by replying to the email notification to make sure the recipient has seen it.

Q: I’m a team manager. How do I create a team?

A: After you create your account, simply go to My Account in the upper right corner and click Create Team. From there, add the first and last names, and email addresses of your team members. They will receive email notifications to join the team.

Q: I was invited to a team. How do I join?

A: Click the team invite link in the email or sign up with your email address at  Then Accept the team invite on your My Account page.

Q: What donation amounts should I send to get the best results?

A: The most common donation offer is $50.  You can pick any amount above $25.