About IntroSnap
We started IntroSnap to enable professionals to connect in a more effective and personal way, while being a force for good in the world.
We’ve proven that giving back is a powerful way to build business relationships.

So we enable these customer connections with the most personal and meaningful touch point there is - a charitable donation to a cause they care about.
Our Story
We’ve been in Senior Sales roles in top SaaS firms including Oracle Marketing Cloud, TripActions, BlueShift and Lattice Engines.
We saw over and over, first hand, the time and money spent by sales and demand gen and sales teams to drive pipe and increase win rates. Each day, buyers are inundated with non-personal emails that all look the same, and coffee mugs they never asked for. The result is that buyers are harder to engage than ever before.

We knew there had to be a more effective and impactful way to get their attention. This is why we embarked on our mission of changing how sales people interact with customers to be more personal and impactful.

Scott Milener has been a sales leader in Silicon Valley for over 15 years. His deep SaaS sales experience, dealing with these outreach challenges and costs daily, cemented the vision for IntroSnap. Scott, along with Co-Founder Xander Garovi, a successful sales leader at great companies including Lattice Engines and TripActions, wanted to create a new and better way to connect authentically, on a meaningful level, while supporting important causes in the process.
IntroSnap Team
Scott Milener
Co-Founder & Head of Sales
Oracle, Apple, Blueshift
Xander Garovi
Co-Founder & Head of Growth
Oracle, Lattice, TripActions
Aiden Siegle
Co-Founder & Lead Engineer
Kevin Akeroyd
Board of Advisors
CEO, ProUnlimited, Oracle GM, CEO Cision
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