Build Better Relationships,
Win More Deals
IntroSnap is the most
personal and meaningful way to engage with customers.
With IntroSnap you send personalized donation gift offers to customers that build relationships and help win deals.
How it Works
Send a donation gift to a prospect or customer, offering to donate to a charity of their choice.
They pick a charity important to them. Local schools, food banks – almost anything!
You've made a positive impact on a cause the recipient cares about, building engagement-driving rapport and something to bond over.
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The most personal touch you can make:
A donation to your customer’s favorite charity.
These are example charities selected by prospects.
With over 1,000,000 charities on IntroSnap, your donation goes to causes that are dear to prospects - their kid’s school fund, local animal shelters, clubs, alumni associations, environmental funds, almost anything - creating deep connections and the foundation for meaningful business relationships.
Global Causes
Local Schools
Almost anything!
IntroSnap Success Stories
Laura Leap, Senior Mid Market Account Executive @ Samsara
“For my sales opportunities, IntroSnap has let me connect and reconnect on a personal level. These relationships have definitely helped me have a leg up on competitors and win more deals."
Jack Policar, Chief Operating Officer @ Phood
“IntroSnap is a breakthrough way to reach prospects on a personal level. It has helped me and our team increase pipe and win more. Customers genuinely appreciate that we are giving to a cause they care about.”
DC Cullinane, Vice President of Sales @ Kasada
“We’ve used IntroSnap to get traction with hard to reach Senior IT execs. Most execs have a charity they already support. We now have a way to build bonds and get a competitive edge via these relationships.”
An Average B2B Sales Opportunity Costs $4000+
Make the most of this investment by building relationships and winning more with IntroSnap.
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Ways to Engage with IntroSnap Across Your Funnel
  • 1. Start relationship building
  • 2. Increase webinar attendance
  • 1. Book meetings
  • 2. Nurture prospects
  • 3. Re-engage cold leads
  • 4. Target webinar attendees
  • 1. Post-discovery call
  • 2. Engage with new stakeholders
  • 3. Build relationship, develop a champion
  • 1. Accelerate to close
  • 2. Beat competitors
  • 3. Increase win rates
Power Up Your Existing Sales Stack
Elevate it with our proven playbook!
  • Add power to cadence tools like Outreach and Salesloft
  • Make ABM and Intent data more effective
  • Always have something personal with impact to send
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Capture Your Buyers Attention
By donating to charities that your prospects care about, you can transform interest into intent, and intent into action.
Charities to select from and donate
Our goal to donate over the next two years
Are you ready to learn more?
IntroSnap is here to make your job easier while doing good in the world. Everyone wins with IntroSnap. Get started now!